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I found Paul to be very professional and on the ball. He is alert, makes very good observations and gives feedback in a very constructive manner.
He has great leadership skills and picks up on HR issues which others have not picked up on.
I have found the reading material he has recommended of great value.
Paul has a great sense of humor and communicates very empathetically. He is firm where needed.
Paul has been a great sounding board. Giving his honest views and opinions always.
In a nutshell he is on the top of this game.

Uma Indran

Following an extremely challenging year mainly professionally but also personally my confidence was at the lowest it had ever been. I decided to take a decision that I never thought I would have to - I took redundancy. This is when I met Paul. I had some bones of ideas of what I wanted to do next but wasn't really sure - working with Paul he calmly and gently encouraged me but also challenged me to process my thoughts to help me logically work through them. He also gave me some ideas of future paths to consider that I had and probably would never have thought of. By talking with Paul through this process it has also helped my confidence begin to rebuild. I would recommend Pauls services to any of my network and others. Thanks Paul

James Pye

I have just completed 3 months of coaching from Paul and I have to say that during those 3 months of training I have never enjoyed or looked forward more to having a coaching session as I did with Paul. Going into the start of the coaching I had reservations of what I was going to achieve during it however, after the first session I instantly knew that this was going to be a great journey. Paul proved to be such a positive coach who really got me to think about who I am and what I can achieve and this was all done with such positive energy coming from Paul. Paul really makes you engage your thought mode and there is no doubt that I have become a more rounded leader who is confident and not willing to compromise. Paul is a coach who really inspires you to become the best you can be. I would recommend any leader who is looking to develop their leadership qualities to book in some sessions with Paul, you will not regret it.

Ian Barnes

Director of Operations 

Yoox Net - a - Porter Group 

Over the last few months, I have had the great pleasure of working with Paul Starbuck. Paul has been a fantastic support and leader as an executive coach. No need to say that in the recent somewhat challenging and isolating times, all my sessions with Paul have been invaluable taking me on a thought process I would never been able to go through on my own in the same timeframe. Paul’s sessions are to the point, in a safe environment, wrapped in insightful and fun spirit (something we often miss in corporate life but so badly need to grow and allow our brains to think freely!)
Allowing me to step up my personal professional growth journey through a few sessions has been priceless, something that would have taken me a lot longer on my own. 
I would absolutely recommend Paul to any executive or leader out there looking for safe yet challenging discussions allowing them to boost their own professional transformational journey. Get in touch with Paul, I promise you, you will love the journey (but be prepared to do some work along the way!)

Melina Mousalli

Independent Senior Consultant

Paul has coached me through my transition to a portfolio career, and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I have had. Paul is empathetic, challenging, energetic, humorous, and has an enormous wealth of experience to draw on. His easy-going style was accompanied by a laser-focus on encouraging me to step outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed every minute, even when he put me on the spot with difficult questions, and most importantly, I have gained a great deal from the process both professionally and personally. I’d recommend Paul to anyone as a coach or colleague.

Colin Reed

Reap Consulting Limited

Being coached by Paul was a really fantastic experience. I enjoyed every minute of being stretched, challenged, questioned and occasionally even laughed at, but not in a mean way. Paul’s energy and enthusiasm for life is infectious, his experience is vast and as a coach he combines deep and broad knowledge with humour and a light touch. If you get the chance to be coached by Paul don’t miss it!

Susan Castle

Susan the Coach

Paul has been my excellent coach for 8 fun filled sessions over 6 months. His gentle coaching took me through a discovery process and helped me to sort out my thinking. He listened thoughtfully and skillfully directed our conversations. His light-hearted approach and critical questioning accelerated my learning about what I need to do to become a NED.

Harry Moss - DPhil, C.Eng., FIMechE.

Director, Engineering Assurance Specialist, Board Advisor and Asset Integrity Consultant, IM3R Limited and ex-BP

Paul Starbuck was excellent whilst challenging me....

Paul Starbuck provided an excellent coaching session. Whilst putting me at ease from the start, he challenged my thinking, provoked conversations that drove my views forwards and really made me consider things which I was missing. A great session that I would highly recommend!

5 stars: Excellent

Highly recommend

Hywel Price

Commercial Director, Smart Industries Limited


On booking the accelerated executive coaching, I was concerned that it could end up being a nice, general discussion but not necessarily a practical help but thankfully my worries did not materialise. A very positive session and I ended it with tangible and real actions that I am able to implement. 

Thank you Paul Starbuck for you time.

Tara Avila

Director & Owner of TKA Consulting Limited

Paul is naturally gifted as an executive coach.  He has an ability to have a difficult conversation in a comfortable way without making you feel compromised.  Paul very quickly recognises limiting beliefs and using his positive lens in a masterful way. As a result he has helped me to remove barriers to achieve goals beyond my wildest imagination.  You can depend on Paul to listen without judgement.  During our sessions his skilful, light hearted conversation allowed me to find my own conclusions on how to be the best version of me!

I have enjoyed every moment of working with Paul and will be eternally grateful for holding me accountable to have the most rewarding and successful outcome.

Susan Hill

Founder and Creator of SJ Connections

In the last 6 months Paul has been supporting me on a transformational coaching journey. Facing life changing opportunities and challenges whilst being coached professionally by a coach that goes beyond the call of duty and who is not afraid to make you think through the most difficult choices whilst feeling safe and secure is a most incredible experience.
I would really recommend going on this journey with Pau! The combination of empathy, coaching expertise and business acumen ensured that I was able to explore all aspects of my potential with a realistic outlook on achieving my new set goals. Its truly been transformational and enlightening!

Petra in'tVeld-Brown

Diaphanum Limited

Paul mentoring me has been incredibly impactful to me both professionally and personally. His open style of coaching and support has really encouraged me to focus on my personal development by finding new perspectives and ways to think about and approach my leadership. As an established leader himself he is incredibly resourceful and combines his own rich experience with time and opportunity in our interactions to understand my own leadership views and values and incorporate this into our mentoring. He is unbiased in his views whilst giving me the structure I need to ensure I am clear about what I am working towards. I find our time together hugely thought provoking and valuable. Thanks Paul!

Steve Jones

Senior Manager for the CSC and Transformation

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Paul has been my coach at a key point in my career.  I was made redundant and had a huge opportunity to think about the direction I wanted to take, but was deeply unsure about it all.  Through lots of very patient listening, and a bit of well-timed humour, Paul helped me to clear the fog, to evaluate the options and to make some key decisions on the way forward.  He also helped me to gain clarity on how to approach the first 90 days of my next role, and I now have a plan for success - to manage myself and my leadership behaviours through that period.  Paul was incredibly flexible during each session, but kept me on track towards my objectives, and I have made huge progress in the step up to my next leadership role.  Bring it on!

Lesley Coldham

Head of External Affairs

Tullow Oil & Gas PLC

I would like to thank Paul Starbuck for his coaching input over the last few months. I can truly say it has been a really positive experience where Paul has regularly pushed me to look at new ways of thinking when I have been stuck in areas of my career and life. His broad career and life experience, and more importantly his patience, has enabled him to help me question areas of my life where I have not been as happy as I first thought. With Paul's help, I now have a clear vision and set of goals that I am focusing on following his constructive support and feedback. Thank you, Paul. You are more helpful than you know.  

Janet Butler

Janet Butler Consulting 

I have known Paul Starbuck since May 2020 – and learnt lots from working with him. PauI is someone true to his word. As a Coach Paul is always focussed on the needs of his clients. I’m not being coached by him at the moment, however, have been contacted by others that currently are. I know that this is part of Paul doing his very best to tailor coaching to the interests of each individual client and will utilise his networks in the support of others. Thank you, Paul, for supporting me through my journey of transition during a very testing and challenging time.

Toyin Higgs

City Integration Manager at Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games