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Non-executive coaching

Starting to think about what's next after your corporate career?


Or indeed are you wanting to develop more of a portfolio lifestyle?  The Non-Executive Director role can be a very attractive role, particularly in later years as we think about slowing down, taking more of a back seat, giving back and still playing an active part in business. 


It is a fantastic role but not always the easiest to attain. Many executive leaders make the assumption that having boardroom experience almost entitles them to a Non-Executive career without really thinking this through. What makes a leader a successful Executive leader, doesn’t necessarily make for a successful or even suitable Non-Executive Director. After all - it is a different role! 


Indeed, everything about the role and acquiring a Non-Executive position is subtly different to that of the Executive – the CV is different. Routes to the market can be quite different - application, interview, and the role itself - all different. 


It is also a role that shares the same legal accountability as any other director in the boardroom so not without its risks, therefore, developing the skills to take on this new role as well as appreciating and embracing the difference, is highly important.  

We offer tailor-made packages to support Executive Leaders develop their understanding of the Non-Executive role and building a winning strategy to make a successful transition. This would include offering clarity on the transferrable value they bring to a board, developing a specific Non-Executive Director CV (in conjunction with our CV Writing Services team), building an approach to finding suitable opportunities and developing the skills to be highly successful in the role. 

How can we help you?

Contact us to discuss at hello@paulstarbuckassociates or book a free discovery session below.

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