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Nurturing Growth


Not sure about coaching but still looking for someone to support you, guide you, be there for you or maybe see it more as counselling?

“A mentor is someone who takes the role of a trusted advisor, supporter, teacher and wise counsel to another person.  A mentor adopts a primarily selfless role in supporting the learning, development and the ultimate success of another person.”  Julie Starr


Mentoring is a way to nurture talent, help fulfil potential and improve performance.  In return we get the amazing satisfaction of watching you grow as a leader – we get such a buzz out of it!  We’ll take on the role of your trusted advisor, your supporter, your teacher and your wise counsel for your ultimate success - we’ll have your back!!  We’ll work with you, challenge and support you in equal measure using our extensive business experience to guide in the right direction for you. 


How can we help you?


Looking to introduce a mentoring program for your business?  In 2013 the Adecco Employment Agency (2013) reported that 75% of organisations offered internal workplace mentoring yet the same year The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reported organisations listed mentoring as one of the top missing skills.  Whether it is individual mentoring or the introduction of a mentoring program to your business we can bring our extensive mentoring experience to help.

How can we help you?

Contact us to discuss at hello@paulstarbuckassociates

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