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Time for a Change - Case Study


Having enjoyed a successful corporate career spanning over 30 years, Mo felt ready for a change. So, when the opportunity presented for him to part ways with his current employer and finally focus on something he wanted to do, he felt compelled to embrace it.


The problem was, Mo wanted to do EVERYTHING.


“I’ve always been very curious and attracted to sparkly things. What I needed was a coach who could help me to narrow down my goals, rationalise things and focus my energies.”  


Mo already had experience of coaching, but this was the first time he’d sought a coach independently, and not just because his corporate framework dictated so.


After conducting some research, Mo got in touch with Executive Coach, Paul Starbuck.


The Coaching


Mo had an idea of what to expect ahead of his first session; he knew he was about to place a lot of trust in someone he barely knew, so naturally, there were some nerves.


Thankfully, Paul quickly put Mo at ease and provided a safe space for him to confront, discuss and deal with issues which were standing in the way of his goals.


“Paul is very good at instilling trust. His questions really encouraged me to reflect and discover answers which had previously been difficult to find.”


Together, they formed a comprehensive transition plan to enable Mo to fulfil his portfolio career ambitions. As part of the plan, they worked to understand the transferable value Mo would bring to a boardroom, and then Paul helped him to articulate that value through a great, Non-Executive CV.


“Paul’s sessions are thought-provoking, constructively challenging and he is a trusted advisor.”


Space to Think


Mo’s coaching sessions with Paul gave him the time and space to think and evaluate. He now feels he has more self-confidence and the self-belief to move forward and do what he wants to do.


If you’re thinking about working with Paul, Mo’s advice is to ‘go for it’:


“If you’re considering coaching, you already know you want to change – but you might not have all the answers or know all your options. Some soul-searching sessions with Paul could be just what you need.”


A Word from Paul


“Mo is a talented guy. He worked very hard on the plan and developed his own journey towards the work he wanted to pursue. It was challenging at times, but he was committed to the challenge. I wish him all the best for the future.”


Broadening Perspectives – A Coaching Case Study


Jennifer was part of a Global Leadership Team in the financial services industry, answering directly to the CEO. Yet despite being highly successful in her corporate career, the last 5 years had felt a little stale.


Work was always full-on and kept her busy, but Jennifer craved change and personal growth. Opportunities for development within her organisation were limited and the lack of performance feedback from management left her frustrated; she knew there was room for improvement.


Confident there was something better out there, Jennifer resigned from her executive position and ventured into the unknown to explore her options.


Something which had been of interest to her for a while, was to transition into the role of a Non-Executive Director. To get the ball rolling, Jennifer signed up to a NED network and it was then the opportunity for coaching presented itself.




Jennifer had never had coaching before, having previously only sought guidance from mentors within her own network. For that reason, she had no idea what to expect, but welcomed the opportunity to get a non-bias perspective on her options. It was also attractive to her to be able to speak freely and frankly about her experiences and future aspirations.


As well as looking to launch a portfolio career, Jennifer was considering starting a property business and/or getting involved in trading. There were a lot of things to think about, so she knew she required a coach who could help her to gain some clarity over her options.


She also wanted someone who would be brutally honest with her, even if they thought the truth might not be what she wanted to hear; she needed constructive feedback and was more than ready to work on herself.


Enter, Paul Starbuck.


The Coaching


Jennifer found Paul to be very approachable and he quickly instilled confidence that he was the right man for the job. He was open and honest with his guidance and feedback, and he opened Jennifer’s eyes to opportunities she hadn’t considered were possible.


Now that she was outside of her corporate bubble, she had greater visibility of what roles were available to her in the wider financial services industry. Areas she’d never considered working in before were suddenly opportunities, all made possible by a change in mindset.


Together, Jennifer and Paul built a clear picture of what she did and didn’t want to do, worked to understand the value she would bring to a NED role and identified areas she needed to work on to achieve her goals.


The Results


The biggest advantage of coaching for Jennifer was having dedicated time to sit back and take stock of her options. Her intense daily routine didn’t afford her much opportunity to grow personally, so she found her sessions with Paul to be incredibly valuable to her development. 


After coaching, Jennifer achieved her first NED position, working in an entirely different part of financial services to any of her previous roles. This exposure to the wider industry has bolstered her skillset and broadened horizons for her portfolio career.


To anyone who is considering coaching with Paul, Jennifer has some advice:


 “Have that first meeting and you’ll see how it can work. Paul’s sessions are well structured, on point and all about you. His coaching holds you accountable to yourself; making you put in the work you need to succeed. I honestly wish I had gotten coaching earlier in my career.”


A Word from Paul


Career transition is more of a psychological transition than a career change and not everyone has the stamina. It’s by far the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my career.


I often say to clients transitioning out of corporate, that to be their authentic selves, they must 'cleanse themselves of corporate'. Only then can they truly make their own choices and not be bound by the ‘systems' they’ve had to work within.


Jennifer understood this.


She is super-talented, with bags of energy and was great fun to work with. She was steadfast in doing the required work between sessions and worked incredibly hard for the portfolio lifestyle.


I wish her the best in her future endeavours (I know she’ll do brilliantly). 

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